pH Adjustment Systems Webinar 

February 23rd, 2022 -  1PM-2PM

The requirement for pH adjustment is a common demand that spans various industries. While discharge limits vary from region to region, the side effects of discharging outside these limits are the same and could result in possible fines and damage to the environment. There are several different treatment options and equipment that can be applied to prevent effluent excursions.

This webinar will focus on the steps utilized to design a pH system for any application or industry. A fundamental understanding of pH system components and different designs will be discussed, as well as how to interpret and apply waste and flow profile data to select the appropriate type of system. Topics that will be discussed include Burt Process standard system design and where they are applicable, including:

  • Batch treatment systems
  • Continuous flow systems
  • Hybrid and equalization tank systems
  • Residence time
  • Treatment chemistry selections
  • Process design, titration data, and control schemes

Once a basis of understanding is established, the presentation will shift into an in-depth review of active system case studies, each highlighting the different building types and applications where wastewater treatment is involved. Case studies will highlight the history and design basis from a plumbing, infrastructure, process, and owner standpoint.